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One thing about the wedding business is that things are always changing. This last summer we’ve dealt with closures, rescheduling and relocating, all due to Covid-19. I am happy to report that in spite of it all, our weddings have been successful, even if sometimes not as originally envisioned.

We specialize in elopements, which means we provide officiant and photography services to intimate weddings with groups of 10 people or less. If you have something with more guests planned, that moves it into the area of micro-weddings, which we are happy to consider on a case by case basis but micro-weddings do eliminate the majority of the outdoor locations that we use for weddings. If you already have a venue lined up, of course we are happy to come to you at your selected venue in the South Lake Tahoe, Carson Valley, Smith Valley or Topaz lake areas and officiate your wedding of any size, as well as provide photography services.

You may want to consider something most of our couples are doing: an elopement ceremony now, with a celebration to include your family and friends later. That way you can still get married and have a special and profound ceremony, and then be able to celebrate with family and friends later. The other option is to live stream your wedding. Our wedding couples have successfully used Facebook Live and Zoom to allow their friends and family to attend the ceremony.

Every wedding needs an officiant, and professional photography is always an excellent idea so you have those memories nicely documented and preserved. If you are seeking an officiant, either with or without photography services, I do hope you will call us and chat with us about your wedding.

Just a little bit more about our services: all our weddings are officiated by Rev. Karen Linsley. She is a licensed and ordained minister, multi faith trained, and can do weddings in both California and Nevada. She can do spiritual but not religious ceremonies, secular ceremonies, or ceremonies based in any religion. As far as photography goes, we are not one of those places where the officiant carries a camera with him/her and takes a few photos. That would be doing a disservice to our clients. Instead, a professional photographer shows up with lighting equipment to document both the wedding and get a full series of photos afterwards. What this means is we are not limited to certain times of day because we can light any situation. It also means your faces are nicely illuminated and the backgrounds also show up well.

Whatever your plans for your wedding, we hope you will contact us to see how we can assist you.