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These are certainly interesting times aren't they? Our last wedding was a last minute one held just before everything closed down, on March 16. Since then I've been working from home, and while I am still answering calls for future weddings, we are not currently performing them, due to couples being unable to get wedding licenses.

In the world of weddings, there are two basic parts: the ceremonial part and the legal part. I can perform a wedding ceremony and make it touching and beautiful, but it wouldn't be legal unless the couple brought me a wedding license, which I then sign after I perform the ceremony, and turn back in to the county clerk. Without a license, the wedding isn't legally recognized, which means you can't change names or report your newly married status to all the different agencies that need to know such things.

As of yesterday, March 27, the county clerk's offices in Lake Tahoe on the Nevada side, Carson City and Gardnerville were all closed until further notice. Also as of yesterday, the El Dorado County Clerk's office (South Lake Tahoe California side) was issuing limited wedding licenses: only to El Dorado County residents and only by appointment.

Which means that unless you are an El Dorado County resident, you won't be able to obtain a wedding license right now. And we have no estimated date as to when things will change.

I remain available via phone and Zoom video conference to chat about a future wedding if you wish to begin planning.