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Wow! What a time we are in! We have spent almost a year honoring the COVID guidelines so that we could honor our couples’ wishes to get married, no matter what. A great majority of our couples who got married this year either cancelled or postponed their big weddings, choosing instead to elope. We were happy to accommodate them. COVID continues, and we continue to honor the guidelines, so I wanted to give you an update of where we currently stand. Keep in mind that we offer officiant and photography services, we do not coordinate weddings, nor do we secure venues for you, although we are happy to refer you to venues. And we can do weddings at Logan Shoals Vista Point as long as you limit your total attendance to ten people. That’s the couple and up to 8 guests. We do not service the Emerald Bay Area. Here are the Nevada guidelines:

This is a graphic of the latest COVID guidelines in Nevada

In California the situation is a bit different, basically all indoor venues are not available right now, but do check with any venue you might be considering to see what they can offer you.

Basically, if you want to elope and have less than 8 guests coming with you, we can probably accommodate you at Logan Shoals Vista Point. If you have more guests, which really takes it out of the category of an elopement, you will have to check with your venue as to number of guests allowed.

During this time we’ve done a lot of weddings in private homes, hotel suites and AirBnBs. We’ve gone to RV parks and other parks to do weddings. Our territory covers Lake Tahoe (excluding Emerald Bay and the West Shore) as well as the Carson and Smith Valleys. That’s a lot of territory and if you have a venue in mind, we are happy to go there and officiate and photograph your wedding.

These are certainly interesting times aren't they? Our last wedding was a last minute one held just before everything closed down, on March 16. Since then I've been working from home, and while I am still answering calls for future weddings, we are not currently performing them, due to couples being unable to get wedding licenses.

In the world of weddings, there are two basic parts: the ceremonial part and the legal part. I can perform a wedding ceremony and make it touching and beautiful, but it wouldn't be legal unless the couple brought me a wedding license, which I then sign after I perform the ceremony, and turn back in to the county clerk. Without a license, the wedding isn't legally recognized, which means you can't change names or report your newly married status to all the different agencies that need to know such things.

As of yesterday, March 27, the county clerk's offices in Lake Tahoe on the Nevada side, Carson City and Gardnerville were all closed until further notice. Also as of yesterday, the El Dorado County Clerk's office (South Lake Tahoe California side) was issuing limited wedding licenses: only to El Dorado County residents and only by appointment.

Which means that unless you are an El Dorado County resident, you won't be able to obtain a wedding license right now. And we have no estimated date as to when things will change.

I remain available via phone and Zoom video conference to chat about a future wedding if you wish to begin planning.