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Tradition coupled with innovation.  Your wedding....your way!  That's what we are about at Chapel of the Pines.

What this means, first and foremost and most IMPORTANT!  WE DO NOT HAVE A WEDDING CHAPEL!  Chapel of the Pines is simply the name of our business.  We do weddings in selected areas in Lake Tahoe, as well as in the Carson Valley, Washoe Valley, Smith Valley and Topaz Lake areas.  You pick the venue and tell us when and where to be there!

Your wedding...your way....You deserve an officiant who will follow you anywhere to do your wedding, and show up with a great attitude  and a moving ceremony tailored to fit who and what you are.

Chapel of the Pines has a long and great history of providing quality wedding officiant services all over the Lake Tahoe area, as well as in the Carson Valley, Smith Valley and Topaz areas.

Chapel of the Pines was born in 1975 by Revs. Gil and Gail Linsley, and in 2016 Rev. Karen Linsley took over the business after Gil and Gail retired.  While Chapel of the Pines has always been about flexibility and accommodation, doing weddings on location and featuring several different ceremonies to choose from, Rev. Karen has taken it a step further by offering completely custom ceremonies at every wedding.

The tradition of a wedding is as old as human kind itself.  Weddings have always had a place in our lives in one way or another.  The tradition is what makes weddings still popular today.  The innovation is because in today's world, you get a choice. It no longer has to be about those old words and phrases that might mean nothing to you.  Pick or create the phrases you like, choose or leave out the rituals (such as candle lighting), make it as simple or as elaborate as you wish.  Rev. Karen will talk with you and then create your custom ceremony so you have your wedding...your way!

A word about our photography services: In a previous lifetime, Karen Linsley owned and operated a photography studio and did so for about 30 years. Here at Chapel of the Pines we take our photography seriously. So when you arrange for us to have photography at your wedding, you can be confident that you will be getting the best. Karen will arrange to have one of her photographers come to the wedding and take photos during the ceremony. Afterwards, Karen will pick up her camera and you get the benefit of two camera coverage at your wedding! All the photos on this web site were taken either by Karen or one of her photographers.

In short, we provide quality officiant and photography services at your wedding in locations at Lake Tahoe, the Carson Valley, the Smith Valley and Topaz Lake areas.